©2017 Morgan Johnson Norwood
oil and charcoal on canvas
36 x 36 inches

Progression: 1

Progression: 2

Persephone ate the pomegranate seeds.  Do you know that story? It's the Greeks' tale of undesirable relationships, of custody battles, of temptation, and of dividing one's time.

Time. I don't have much to spare, usually, which explains why my website and otherwise artistic online presence has been on the back burner. I'm glad you're still interested in my work, and if you'd like to be my personal assistant to help me be more present online, I am taking applications.

I am still painting, though since my last blogging days nearly five years ago, I'm now splitting my time between full time teaching and single mommy-hood, while also prioritizing exercise. BUT. I have a studio in which to work, and it's not my dining room. Bonus. The challenge is making sure I get there and work, no matter how much longer it takes to complete a painting than it used to.
My happy place.

It's funny how we tend to swing focus around to all of our important factions of our lives, like some teeter totter toy, always ultimately bouncing from one thing to another, so I find so much luxury in tackling this solitary to-do list item late into the night, which is as rare to me as a bluebird sighting. There are so many activities for which I used to take for granted, before kids, before divorce, before moving, before returning to teaching...  time is so much more precious than it seemed before. We tend to discover what really matters most pretty fast when every second matters.

What priorities do you choose with your time?


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